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53rd China National Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition
CIPM is Chinas largest leading show of pharmaceutical industry. It has been held 52 times since 1991. With 26 years of contributing to the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, CIPM has firmly established itself as the industry's must-attend show in China. 
National pharmaceutical machinery expo (hereinafter referred to as "fair") is by Beijing jing bo xin exhibition co., LTD to undertake large-scale pharmaceutical machinery industry professional international exhibition, since founded in 1991, has successfully held 52 sessions.With the development course of 26 years, exposition pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical equipment industry in China set up the very high popularity, will each year, about 80000 professional audience to come to visit and the choose and buy equipment, but also attracted the domestic and foreign more than thousand pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers.In the second half of 2016 at the 52nd (fall 2016) exposition, a total of 1196 enterprises exhibition, exhibition area of more than 120000 square meters, had received around 60000 person-time respectively during the professional audience from 34 countries and regions.Rollover invited to the senior experts at home and abroad seminar 30 games.The 53rd expo planning exhibition area of about 120000 square meters.Qingdao international expo center around the rich geographical cultural tourism resources, for holding large conference and exhibition provides a good business and leisure travel environment, fair exhibitors and attendance is expected to hit a record high.
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