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Molecular formula£ºC11H12Cl2N2O5
Molecular weight£º323.13
This product is characterized by easy to dissolve in water, for intramuscular, intravenous or intravenous infusion£¬into the body by hydrolysis of chloramphenicol free to produce a role
It is a highly effective broad-spectrum antibiotics, by inhibiting bacterial protein synthesis and produce antibacterial effect on most of the Gram-negative and positive bacteria effective, and strong effect on Gram-negative bacteria, more sensitive for Typhoid bacillus, Haemophilus influenzae, Neisseria meningitis and Bordetella pertussis, especially for typhoid, paratyphoid bacillus have strongest effect, for the chlamydia, pneumonia, mycoplasma and rickettsia also has a strong effect.
Do not mix with aminophylline, calcium chloride, vitamin B, vitamin C, carbenicillin, gentamicin, chlorpromazine, heparin, methylprednisolone, procaine, hydrolyzed protein and Sulfadiazine sodium and other compatibility , so as to avoid precipitation or degradation. Also do not with tetracycline hydrochloride, vancomycin hydrochloride and novobiocin sodium compatibility, so as to avoid turbidity. This product can mix with polymyxin B, erythromycin lactobionate and  hydrocortisone succinate, placement will produce turbidity or precipitation¡¡
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